Name of Specialisation


 Type of programme


 Length of Programme

4 years

 Mode of study

on site and combined



 Specialisation Description

Doctoral studies of archaeology follow up on the Master's degree programme. The core of Doctoral studies consists of elaboration of a Dissertation and completion of obligatory and elective courses which correspond to the basic specialization of Archaeology programme at the FA USB, i.e. 1/ archaeology of prehistory and early Middle Ages, 2/ archaeology of the Medieval and Post-Medieval period 3/ environmental archaeology, 4/ archaeological theory and methodology. Significant emphasis is placed on independent scientific work, carried out individually by each student in consultation with their supervisor.

Graduate profile

Graduates of Doctoral studies at FA USB will have gained thorough education in archaeology at a level comparable to Doctoral programmes of similar orientation at other domestic and foreign universities. The aim of the Doctoral degree programme is to provide a complete education in the field of archaeology so that graduates are capable of independent scientific work in the Czech Republic and abroad. Upon completion of all the obligatory and elective courses and elaboration and defence of their Dissertation, graduates become mature and professional researchers able to work in the academic sphere and other professional institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad. They will be able to perform independent scientific work both methodologically and theoretically, lead scientific projects independently and lecture at universities. They will also be equipped with sufficient language skills to work at foreign institutions.

 Guaranteeing Workplace

Institute of Archaeology FA USB


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